What It Takes To Survive The Army’s 60-Hour Best Ranger Competition | Boot Camp | Insider Business

At the US Army’s annual Best Ranger Competition, 56 two-man teams representing 27 different Army units undergo a grueling 60-hour gauntlet of physical and mental tests. By day three, the field of 56 teams is cut to just 16. By the end of the day, only one team will earn the title of best Ranger.

Insider’s chief video correspondent Graham Flanagan spent three days following the competition at the Fort Benning Army installation, which only three weeks later changed its name to Fort Moore as a result of a congressional act to rename military bases whose names honored Confederate leaders.

All competitors are Ranger-qualified, meaning they have completed the challenging 62-day Ranger course that earns them the coveted Ranger tab.

Along with the bragging rights that come with winning “BRC,” winners receive a prize package worth nearly $18,000. The prizes include rifles, pistols, gun safes, and other tactical equipment. Historically, competition winners continue to rise in the Army ranks and get opportunities to work in academia and Hollywood.

:00 Intro
1:02 Day 1 begins
1:20 Team 11, 10th Mountain Division
2:24 What it means to win
3:18 Mass-start buddy run
3:49 Team 36, 75th Ranger Regiment
4:26 Army Ranger heritage
5:01 Run, swim, run
5:43 Malvesti obstacle course
6:33 Team 29, 3rd US Infantry Regiment
7:42 Army combat fitness test
7:52 Helicopter ride
8:10 Urban assault course
9:20 Gun ranges
9:28 Special-duty status
9:38 Team 29 coaches
10:54 Rest before ruck
11:45 Ruck march
12:06 Fort Benning name change
12:32 Day 2 begins
13:07 Day stakes
13:56 Sponsors and prizes
14:25 Standings after day stakes
14:36 Zip line
14:51 Tactical water movement
15:23 Team 29 returns
16:17 Day 3 begins
16:29 Team 36 on rappel tower
16:50 Team 36 on obstacle course
17:08 Team 11 on rappel tower
17:50 Team 11 on obstacle course
18:08 Gun range
18:38 Helocast
18:56 Combat water survival assessment
19:37 Final buddy run
20:10 Conclusion

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What It Takes To Survive The Army’s 60-Hour Best Ranger Competition | Boot Camp | Insider Business

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