Ukraine tech sector goes to war | FT Film

From the production of cheap battlefield drones to AI-powered missile detection, Ukrainian tech start-ups, IT workers and volunteers have been developing military tech and putting themselves on the front line of the war effort

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00:00 Ukraine’s tech war
00:39 The growing tech sector
01:28 The tech start-up: Respeecher and AI voice cloning
03:35 The miltech start-up: Zvook and AI missile detection
05:32 A digitally-focused country
08:00 A fully-fledged drone war
09:06 The drone start-up
11:17 Drones: the growth of the market
12:41 Why drones?
14:13 Drones and the women’s veteran movement
16:00 Ukrainian resilience
16:30 Air Alert! Ajax Systems
19:30 It’s not just about drones
20:12 The anti-drone gun: DroneUA
21:04 Who’s winning the tech war?
22:45 The army of robots
23:36 A new Israel?
24:46 The war has changed us

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