Traditional healers as therapists? Inside South Africa’s mental health crisis | MINDSET | EP5

Across Africa, healers have been part of the social fabric for centuries.

During ceremonies, they use traditional medicine, rituals and supernatural guidance from ancestral spirits to improve people’s mental health.

Once maligned as “witch doctors”, these healers are now seen by South African psychologists as vital across a country where there is a severe shortage of trained therapists.

They say healers can help with mild depressive disorders such as anxiety and grief.

Due to accessibility and affordability, healers are increasingly popular, especially among the young.

Mindset meets three healers and examines how they can help address Africa’s mental health crisis.

Presenter and Series Producer: Drew Ambrose
Producers: Kathy Hearn, Tiyani Madonsela, Liz Gooch
Cinematographer and Drone Operator: Lee Ali
Production Manager: Susanna Low
Digital Producer: Hasham Cheema
Opening Titles: The Bureau
Theme Music: Vicki Hansen
Picture Editor: Andy Mees
Supervising Producer: Nick Olle
Executive Producer: Sharon Roobol

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