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From natural latex mattresses and bespoke dress shoes to handmade calligraphy ink and ancient Tyrian purple dye, we traveled the globe to uncover the stories behind some of the world’s most expensive items.

Our first stop is New Hampshire in the United States, where a master bladesmith has perfected the art of folding thousands of layers of white-hot steel into a Damascus knife.

0:00 Intro
0:28 Damascus Knives
10:20 Natural Latex Mattresses
22:46 Japanese Calligraphy Ink
32:52 Ayam Cemani Chickens
44:22 Bespoke Dress Shoes
52:31 Tyrian Purple Dye
1:03:23 Patan Patola Saris
1:12:42 Waterford Crystal
1:22:56 Hanji (Korean Paper)
1:31:07 Professional Hair Shears
1:40:47 Hyper-realistic Reborn Baby Dolls

10-Hour So Expensive Marathon | 77 Episodes | So Expensive | Insider Business
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So Expensive Season 11 Marathon | Insider Business

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