Live update :Israel bombardment of the Gaza Strip is one of the largest

Israel says its aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip is one of the largest it has conducted on the besieged territory.
After the first few bites of dinner, the Israeli bombardment of Gaza began
Tonight is the third night of Israel’s attacks on Gaza. A typical war night in Gaza. Family members gather where it is safest, people monitor news updates on television, and women who cover their hair in public make sure to remain covered so they can flee at any moment. Discussions and arguments about what might happen next are endless.

But the worst part is the horrifying sound of air strikes.

During past escalations and wars on Gaza, people hated nights the most. That is when the attacks would intensify.

For the last two nights, the sound of heavy bombardment has not stopped. Everyone thinks they will be a target, and houses shake from the explosions.

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