Is Sustainable Fast Fashion Possible? | TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Giants in fast fashion know the greenwashing game like the backs of their hands, yet the industry’s actions speak louder than words. As brands cash in on TikTok-fueled microtrends and embrace their products’ shrinking lifespans, their dependence on fossil fuel ingredients, toxic dyes and worker exploitation harms people and the planet. Can the industry address its toll while still attracting customers with the latest looks and ultra-low prices?

Join TechCrunch Senior Climate Writer Harri Weber and the following panelists as they weigh in on the future of circular fashion, sustainable materials, and the roles they believe emerging tech will play in decarbonizing the industry.

Jim Ajioka: Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Colorifix
Beth Esponnette: Co-founder & Chair, unspun
Julie Willoughby: Chief Commercialization Officer, Circ

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