How To Get A Million Views: Building Your Personal Brand

Insider’s short-form vertical video training series How To Get A Million Views: Creators Reveal The Secrets of Short-Form Video is back! In a sea of social video, your personal brand is your currency. In this bonus capstone session hosted by Insider’s lead short-form video producer Rachel Cohn, we’ll explore how to refine your unique online persona to unlock large audiences and build a loyal following.

During this session, we’ll dive deeper into some of the key takeaways covered during the course of the series, including visual storytelling, brand-building, production techniques, distribution strategies, and show development. Next, a group of accomplished creators will join us for a panel discussion on building an authentic online identity, finding a niche, and scaling an audience.

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or looking to boost your personal brand, this session offers the essentials for success.

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How To Get A Million Views: Building Your Personal Brand

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