How to Build a New Venture Firm in Public | TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

Venture funds aren’t new, and neither are solo GPs. What is a fresh innovation in venture land, however, is building a new fund or firm in public. Some newer investors are as well-known for their online presence as for their investments. And that’s no diss: Raising capital is tough, and building a brand is no sin.

Still, we want to know both the pros and cons of building something as complicated as a venture fund without a filter. Founders, there will be learnings for you as well, even if you are a few exits away from hanging up your spurs and taking the other side of the deal-making table.

TechCrunch reporter Anna Heim explores those topics with the following guests…

Noramay Cadena: Managing Partner, Supply Change Capital
Mac Conwell: Founder & Managing Partner, RareBreed Venture
Turner Novak: Chief Meme Officer, Banana Capital

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