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0:04 – Black Sea grain exports
0:47 – Greece heat
1:03 – Boat sinks off Moroccan coast
1:14 – Occupied West Bank shootings
1:31 – Israel judicial changes bill
1:48 – Human rights violations
2:04 – Fukushima water fears

The United Nations’ humanitarian chief says the end of the Black Sea grain deal will put millions of lives at risk.
Russia withdrew from the agreement on Monday saying the UN didn’t meet terms of the deal, including removing barriers on its exports.
Moscow came under pressure during a Security Council meeting on Friday to discuss the threat of a potential global food crisis.

Greece is facing what could be its hottest July weekend in nearly 50 years with temperatures expected to soar to 45 degrees Celsius.
The heat combined with strong winds have caused wildfires near the capital, Athens.
At least 100 homes have been destroyed.

At least six people have died after their boat sank off the coast of Morocco.
Local authorities in the northeastern region of Nador province reported 54 migrants were on board the vessel.

An 18-year-old was shot and another injured in Sebastia, North West of Nablus.
Israel says a car carrying the two people attempted to run over Israeli troops.
Separately, a 17-year-old was shot during a protest in Umm Safa in Ramallah.

Protests against the government’s proposed judicial changes are entering their 29th week.
More than 10,000 people in Israel are marching towards West Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
MPs are due to vote on Monday on a bill restricting the Supreme Court’s powers to strike down government decisions.

Aid organisations in Sudan say they are monitoring increased violations against women and girls.
They say victims are being kidnapped from Khartoum and being sold in several areas of Darfur.
One youth group says troops from the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces are involved.

Hong Kong is intensifying its radiation inspections of seafood imports from Japan.
It follows concerns about Tokyo’s plan to release treated radioactive water from its Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea.
The UN nuclear watchdog says Tokyo’s plan is safe but some countries are against it.

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